The Child Support Issue

Where there are children…a child support order generally lurks around the corner.  Most individuals facing the possibility of paying support are under the impressions that their expenses will be considered by the Court when making child support orders.  However, he or she is greatly mistaken.  

The reality is that there are generally two (2) main factors that determine the outcome of the child support calculation: 

(1) how much time each parent spends with the children and 

(2) the income of each parent.  

When it comes to child support, the custodial parent is generally going to feel like the child support amount ordered is not enough and the parent ordered to pay support is going to feel as if the amount ordered is way to high.  And, depending on how an individual feels about potential child support order, he or she starts jockeying for the amount of support that best supports his or her financial position.  

Self-represented individuals often are at a disadvantage in not having an understanding of how the child support software calculates the support amount.  Every individual should seek legal advice about the amount of the support order.  Do not even assume the representatives in your Court Facilitator’s office or Department of Child Support has calculated the correct child support amount.  It would be wise to consult with an attorney to review any child support order.  

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