The Challenge With Family Law Self Help Centers

Family Law self-halp centers (sometimes referred to as Court Facilitator’s Office) have sprung up across the naion over the past decade in response to the increased number of self-represented individuals litigating their own family law case,  States strived to improve access to Courts, make the forms more user friendly, offer one-on-one assistance and legal advice.

The challenge with court facilitator’s office is having the ability properly staff the centers and offices.  Besides ensuring that there are an adequate number os employees to sevice the community, the staff must have the ability to work with an area of the community that is going through one of the most stressful events in his/her life, i.e., divorce, custody battles, child support awards, domestic violence, and other family related matters.

A search of Yelp will reveal some real life experiences shared by self-represented individuals:

The focus of this review isn’t so much as to whether there is any truth to the complaint that the staff is pro-female as the writer asserts but the experience the writer described.

Here is another example of a self-represented individual expressing frustration with the self-help center after standing in line for 2 hours seeking assistance only to be told that they couldn’t help her because the office was already at capacity.

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